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What is CCNet Assembly Info patcher?

It's a simple plugin for CruiseControl.NET. It can patch the AssemblyInfo.cs file, to set correnct version information, before building the project.

How to use CCNet Assembly Info patcher?

First, you must compile ccnet.assemblypatcher.plugin.sln. If you done, copy ccnet.assemblypatcher.plugin.dll to CCNet server directory (where ccnet.exe or ccservice.exe located).

<cruisecontrol xmlns:cb="urn:ccnet.config.builder">
<cb:define root="c:\BUILD" />
      <patchtype>Version, FileVersion</patchtype>

  • You must define your new task (<assemblypatcher></assemblypatcher>).
  • Next add some filenames which contains version information (<filenames><name></name></filenames>).
  • Set the type of which information would You like to patch'd (<patchtype></patchtype>): Version and/or FileVersion.
  • If You have special version information, use the patchtext tag (<patchtext></patchtext>) (if the plugin find patchtext tag, replace the labeller version information)

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